DC’s big new horror comic The Nice House on the Lake boasts over 100k pre-orders

James Tynion IV and Alvaro Matinez Bueno will be collaborating on The Nice House on the Lake. This book is sure to have many surprises.

“Just received official word… The Nice House on the Lake has been my most successful creator-owned launch to date!” Tynion tweets. “On behalf of Alvaro Martinez Bueno and myself, as well as all the Nice House team… “I THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS BOOK!!!!!

Tynion’s tweet was sent just after the deadline to order The Nice House on Lake #1 from comic book shops.

How “freaking big” are the pre-order sales Tynion reacts to? Newsarama could not get more details, but we confirmed that it would exceed 100,000 copies. It ended up going back for four additional printings.

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The Nice House on the Lake, a horror story in Agatha Christie-style for DC’s Black Label imprint, is called “adults only.” Some people may know him, but not all. He invites people he has met throughout his life to spend a week at his lake house, beautiful and serene. Even if Walter is a bit eccentric, that sounds like a vacation. This is where the horror starts, it seems.

We hinted at the surprise in The Nice House on Lake #1 before. Tynion claims it’s a massive twist that he hopes won’t be spoilt.

In his latest newsletter, he wrote a twist at the end of the first issue. To fully experience the impact of this, you won’t want to spoil it. This is why I recommend you get in on it as soon as possible.

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June 1, the Nice House on the Lake #1 (of 12-) goes on sale

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