CQATest App: A Complete Guide

Any product must be of high quality. It determines whether the product is fit for its purpose and can be used safely. To test the product and make sure it works well, is crucial. Manufacturers use apps like the CQATest app to test their mobile phones after they are manufactured. These apps allow you to test each component of your smartphone.

These apps are often not easily accessible. To activate some apps, you will need a particular key combination on the dialer pad or a hidden setting in the settings app. Some manufacturers permit access by pressing certain keys (Vol down, Up) and the power button when the phone is turned off.

What is CQATest App?

CQA is the abbreviation for Certified Quality Auditor. This app will be disabled once testing is completed. However, it will not be accessible. The app might still show up in your app launcher due to updates or resets.

Motorola also offers a CQAtest app that allows you to test your phone. Motorola uses it to test its phones after they are manufactured.

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What is the function of the CQATest App?

CQA Test App allows your device’s developer company to access the system’s data on your device. It doesn’t share any personal data, like phone numbers, photos, or documents. They do have track of your device when you install or download any software or application.

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It does not share your device’s functioning or any errors that may have occurred. To ensure that your device is secure, the manufacturer has access to the entire record. This includes information about whether you use a standard Android version, legal apps, and software.

How to Use the CQA Test App?

Open the Cqatest application that may be found in the Apps folder. You can also access it by using the keypad on your phone *#*#2486 #*#*.

You can then open the app and perform tests on your Android phone’s parts. The following menu options are available:

  • Sequence Mode
  • Mode CQA Menu
  • MMI Test
  • Modular Model Assembly

CQA menu mode can be used to diagnose your mobile phone. It allows you to test audio, display, FM, headset, and other sensors. Your device. It will then give you a detailed report about your device. This includes information about any hardware or sensors that are not working.

Does CQATest App resemble a virus?

It’s not, it’s an app or testing module that tests components of your device in order to verify their quality. You may be a little skeptical because it doesn’t have an icon. It will display an android icon. Most viruses also show this icon. It’s not malware or a virus, so don’t panic.

Should you remove CQATest App from your device?

The app cannot be removed, but you can disable it from the settings menu. Sometimes, however, the app can be disabled fromSettings> All apps. You cannot uninstall the app unless it is absolutely necessary.

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The app is free and you have no control over it.Clearing cacheOrClearing out storage(Clear data). Sometimes, they cannot be used at all. Stop forcefully you can also kill the app.

Is CQATest App safe for your device?

There is nothing to be concerned about having this app on your phone. Many people have reported issues on their phones that began to manifest after the CQATest app was installed.

Random freezing, glitching and lagging can all happen out of the blue. Some users claim that certain critical apps, such as Dialer and messages, will cause the device to stop working.

How do I uninstall the CQATest App?

You don’t have to take it off if your device works normally, even if the app is visible.

If it is causing problems, you should remove it. It is not as easy to remove or disable this app as it is to remove any other apps.

You can also remove the app by doing a factory reset, or flashing the most recent stock ROM. It will take some experience to flash a ROM. It’s a bad idea to flash ROMS unless you are experienced.

Factory Reset is the easiest. A factory reset can be done from either the Settings app or the recovery menu. Because it is simple, we will stick with the recovery menu method. The settings’ process is more complicated than the recovery method and can take a while to complete.

Note: all apps and data will be deleted when you perform a factory reset. Before performing a factory reset, make sure you have a backup of everything.

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Step 1: Go into your computer to remove the screen lock on your device. Settings>> Screen lock. Your phone should be turned off

Step 2: To feel a vibration, hold down both the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously.

Step 3: Once you see the logo of the manufacturer, remove your finger from the buttons.

To move the highlighter, use your volume down button “Wipe data factory reset.”

CQATest App. To select it, press the power button.

Step 4: Use the volume down button again to move to “Yes, “Press the power button.

Wait for the process to finish and then hit Reboot. Voila! Your Android device has been successfully reset. The app should now be gone and all issues it caused will be resolved.


CQATest does not contain malware or viruses. It is a system app that tests the quality of your phone’s mobile phone. It can cause problems on your phone in rare instances. However, you should remove it using these methods.

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