Bigpond Email Login – Complete Guide to Bigpond Email Sign in

Telstra, an access provider, is based in Australia. It caters to the online enjoyment and emailing needs of its clients. The Bigpond email login is a great service that Australians find extremely useful, amongst many other services. Bigpond was merged with Telstra in 2013, if you’re curious about where it came from. Since then, people have been experiencing a log-in issue with bigpond email sign in. Here you can find all information about Bigpond and its login process.

How to login to Bigpond Email? Bigpond Email Login

Time required: 5 minutes

Bigpond Email Login – This is how you login to bigpond email.

  1. Login Page

Bigpond Email Login
Start with browsing to the Bigpond webmail log in web page on a web browser: Telstra Log in.

  1. Username

In the first space, enter your username (Username is your full email address) for your Bigpond eMail account.

  1. Enter Password
    Next, enter your password for your Bigpond email account Password
  2. Telstra Mail Business Account
    You will need to enter a business ID if you are a Telstra Mail Account Executive.
  3. Log in
    Click on “Log in” to finish.

Steps to Create a New Bigpond Email account

If you are looking for a new Bigpond email account, there are some steps that might be different.

  • 1. On a compatible web browser, most likely to to register for a new Bigpond email account
  • 2. You will need to enter the email address to log into your Telstra Bigpond webmail.
  • 3. To confirm , create a new password and enter again.
  • 4. You will be asked to provide specific information such as your first name, surname and date of birth. Also, you will need to enter your phone number in order to receive updates from Telstra Mail.
  • 5. To continue, click ‘Continue’
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Logging in to Bigpond Email using a Third-Party Client

You can access your Bigpond email account using a desktop email clientsuch a Outlook express, Mailbird or Mozilla Thunderbird. Here are the IMAP and also SMTP Server settings, such as SMTP Password, that you will need to use for this function on mobile devices and desktop clients. (Telstra Mail IMAP Web Server Setups

IMAP Settings – email settings:

  • IMAP Web Server:
  • IMAP port: 993
  • IMAP security: SSL
  • IMAP Access
    • IMAP username: Your complete email address
    • Your IMAP password for your Email address: Your password (Telstra Mail) SMTP Server Settings

SMTP settings to your email account settings:

  • is the SMTP server
  • SMTP Port: 465
  • SMTP Security: SSL
  • SMTP Username : Your complete email address
  • SMTP Password: Your password

This is how to log in Bigpond webmail.

Login Issues with Bigpond Webmail account

Are your email settings not working correctly? This can happen for many reasons. Here’s what to do:

  • 1. To access your Bigpond email account, you will need a solid web link
  • 2. Next, ensure that you have entered the correct log-in information.
  • 3. You must ensure that you enter the correct email account settings on the gadget you use. Android, iPhone (Apple Mail) or COMPUTER
  • 4. You can reset your password at any time if you forget the correct password for your Bigpond account.


Resetting the Forgotten Bigpond Email Password

You might forget your password at some point. If this happens, can recover it by setting it up as:

1. Go to the Telstra Mail log in page –

2. Click on ‘Forgot’ choice given alongside password

3. Next, you’ll see a form asking you to enter your username and your company ID.

4. To reset your Bigpond email password, press ‘Continue’. Follow the prompts. If you require any additional aid regarding your Telstra mail account, you can check out the official link-https://



FAQs – About Bigpond Email Login

1. What is the difference between IMAP, SMTP and both?

IMAP connects with your email service provider’s server and is used for receiving e mail, while SMTP sends out mail to other servers.

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IMAP (Internet Message Access To Procedure) requires that every message and folder you send to your email provider be saved onto their own web servers. This will allow you to connect to your email account via webmail or an email customer. You can also view any messages you have received since it is always kept on the supplier’s web server.

STMP (Straightforward mail transfer method) allows you to send emails from your account to other destinations. This allows your e mail customer to connect with the server of your provider in order to send outbound email, especially to other web servers.

2. What does “port” mean in my email settings

The “port” can be thought of as an address number. Similar to how an IP address identifies a computer’s location, the port also recognizes the application running on that system.

There are some common port numbers. Always use the recommended settings to configure Mailbird as your email server.

3. How do I know if I need IMAP or POP3?

You can save space on your desktop or back up your emails by choosing IMAP. Your emails will then be saved on the web server provided by your email service provider.

POP3 will download and save your email to your local storage, then delete them from the web server. Although this will maximize your server’s space, it won’t make your emails available online if there is any damage to your local storage. POP3 can be a good option if you’re comfortable having a local copy of your documents.

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4. How can I import my emails from the past?

Your old emails will be imported if they are still accessible in your account. IMAP protocol syncs your email and folders with the web server for e-mail. This makes it possible to access your emails from any device attached to your account.

Mailbird will immediately give you access to your account. No additional activity is necessary.

Notice: IMAP will not allow you to import emails that are located on your local server.

Last Thoughts

That’s it! You should now be able to recognize the Telstra mail solution and how to enroll in Bigpond accounts. You can also use the following solutions to resolve Bigpond email login issues.

You should also consider these e-mail server settings to set up and login to your Bigpond email account using a third-party client. It is also worth noting that Bigpond Webmail’s Consumer Support provides 24*7 assistance to its customers. You can also call Bigpond’s Client Support Group at 1-800-849-315 if you have any questions. They will be happy to assist you promptly and efficiently with all your Bigpond email account problems.

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