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Top 50+ All Time Best PSP Games for You in 2022

The top PSP games demonstrate how powerful that the PlayStation Portable handheld was. It was first introduced in 2004. the PSP competed with Nintendo’s Nintendo 3DS but offered a more multimedia experience. Alongside launching games such as Lumines as well as Metal Gear Acid, a variety of films were accessible on the adorable UMD cartridges, which made the device perfect for commuters. It was the days when you couldn’t stream Netflix directly to your smartphone while you were on the bus.

Everything good must end, but Sony officially ended its PSP at the end of 2014 (although the used devices are still selling for more than their original retail price through Amazon). Following the release of PS3 and PlayStation 4, the PS3 as well as PS4, PSP is out of production. However, many are keen to enjoy PSP games. However, when looking back on this list of the top PSP games, you can’t avoid feeling there’s a huge demand for a different Sony portable device.

No matter if you’re a gamer or simply want to indulge in the early 2000s’ nostalgia, this list of 50 top PSP games will provide many options to play. It could inspire you to go to the attic to find your original portable PlayStation.

Here Are the List of 50+ Best PSP Games For You 2022

#1 Ape Escape: On the Loose

Ape Escape-PSP Game

Ape Escape: On the Loose is a stunning well-thought-out version from the PS1 original featuring upgraded graphics and a few new minigames featuring monkeys. The translation isn’t perfect, and the controls aren’t as good with the analogue stick that isn’t there however, the game’s blend of platforming games, tech and charm outweigh the minor issues. Ape wrangling can be messy however, at the end of the day, it’s worth the effort.

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#2 Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa-Best PSP Games

Assetto Corsais a racing sim video game developed by Kunos Simulazioni for PSP. Enjoy the authentic driving experience by playing on different races and tracks. Customize your car body parts, engine, tires, fuel, suspension settings, etc. A variety of sessions modes, including specific events such as hot laps, drift drag, custom championships, can be created. A player can make an entirely new server in multiplayer or play one-on-one and complete career mode.

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#3 Burnout Legends – Best Best PSP Games

Burnout Legends-PSP Games

As we mentioned earlier, the PSP was an excellent platform for players to experience portable editions of the most popular console games. In 2005, Burnout Legends was one of the most enjoyable. It was not a completely original game than a portable compilation of the greatest hits, Criterion Games’ PSP release included some of the most popular games along with the best games (World Tour Time Attack, Race, Eliminator, Face-Off, Burning Lap, Pursuit, Crash as well as Road Rage) from the three previous Burnout games, as well as 95 unlockable cars in the price of one amazing package. Since racing games don’t typically provide players with full control of their camera, Burnout Legends avoided certain issues that other AAA games that came out for the handheld had to face because the PSP’s sole pseudo-thumbstick is the only one available.

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#4 Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Castlevania-Best PSP Games

For many years, Dracula X: Rondo of Blood was regarded as an undiscovered holy grail of the Castlevania series, an extremely rare exclusive to Japan only on The Turbo-Grafx 16 CD. There was Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, which included the 2.5D version of Rondo and the original and updated version of the PlayStation 1’s famous Symphony of the Night. The whole thing is a love letter in blood to the fans, packed with bizarre characters as well as an all-new Boss Mode. Even today, it’s still among the top games from the series.

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#5 Chili Con Carnage – Best Best PSP Games

Chili Con Carnage-Best PSP Games

Chili Con Carnage is an action/adventure 3rd-person shooter video game created by Deadline Games. The game’s precursor, The Total Overdose, is like this game. Ramiro’s(the principal character) father was killed, and Ramiro is now compelled to pay the price. Players must take on corrupt drug lords, bandits and ritualistic zombies. Complete all missions, improve abilities, eliminate enemies and beat a certain score within a short period of time. The most action-packed game is available on your PSP.

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#6 Colin McRae Rally

Colin McRae Rally-Top PSP Games

Colin McRae Rally is among the top PSP racing games, created and published by Codemasters for PSP. Start the engine and race along with 30 cars. Nicky Grain(Co-driver) can assist you at each stage. Test your skills, compete in Championships, personalize your car, and participate in the full rally and speedy races in this amazing racing game on PSP.

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#7 Crush

Crush-Best PSP Games

A distinctive puzzle game that borrows its inspiration from the mind-bending artwork of M.C. Escher, Crush is unlike everything else that has come before it. And, even after 14 years, there’s nothing similar to it. This captivating story has the actors as Danny, an unemployed young man who suffers from insomnia that puts him in a hospital. In the hospital, the psychiatrist uses an apparatus to transport Danny inside his mind, similar to Psychonauts, if Raz put one of those tiny doors in the inside of his head. After entering, levels look like the pencil drawings of Escher, and Danny must explore them in search of marbles to unlock the way out. As with Fez five years later, Crush requires players to change between the 3D default view and the 2D perspective (a method referred to as “crushing”) that allows Danny to traverse previously inaccessible areas. After a decade and a half after its release, Crush remains a smart and challenging puzzler that is able to weave a captivating story that spans brain-shattering levels.

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#8 Dante’s Inferno(tm)

Dante's Inferno-Best PSP Games

Dante’s Inferno(tm)is another action video game developed by Electronic Arts for PSP. A journey through Depths towards Despair abducted soul. A grand quest for the pursuit of justice and revenge, as well as a battle through the hellish sands. Dante(the principal character) combats many creatures using their final moves and combo attacks. The player must combat with deadly combinations and skills to gain more souls.

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#9 Daxter

Daxter-Ideal PSP Games

Daxter is the sequel to Jak and Daxter. Jak & Daxter PS2 series that you had no idea was feasible. It takes place in the first episode of Jak 2, Ready at Dawn’s unconventional open-world platformer/shooter narrates the adventures of the wise ocelot Daxter who tries to rescue his friend Jak from the threatening grasps Baron Praxis. If you’ve had no experience with any Jak & Daxter game before (shame on you!), the following sentence could be incomprehensible to you, making this an experience designed for franchise fans more than anything else.

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Dead Head Fred PSPis an action-adventure horror-comedy game created by Vicious Cycle Software for PSP. It’s a one-player game. Fred Neuman(the protagonist) has the role of a private detective capable of switching heads. The player must collect clues and be vengeful to those who attempt to take him down. Use conventional weapons, abilities to kill numerous characters while changing heads.

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#11 Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy -Top PSP Games

The original Dissidia Final Fantasy may have increased the fan service however, this sequel turns its affection for FF up to eleven… it’s … 012… um… it increases the volume to Duodecim.

Created as a prequel for the original Dissidia 012 mixes the standard JRPG mechanics with flashy, high-octane single-player combat game mechanics. It also makes tweaks to the balance issues of the original game and introduces nine brand new FF characters to the table. This is clearly an FF fan’s dream, however there’s plenty for those new to enjoy Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy thanks to its antics in the theatre.

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Dragon Ball Z SHIN BUDOKAI is a cult series of fighting games that are based on the animated show Dragon Ball Z. It’s a standard 2-D fighting game with a regular kick and punch button. Players like Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza use special techniques to take down their opponents. Compete against other players, demonstrate special strategies and techniques, and take out opponents.

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#13 Every Extend Extra

Every Extend Extra-PSP Games

Screenshots do not do Every Extend Extra justice since they’re easy to overlook Q Entertainment’s shooter as a chaotic mess. Learn the basics and get your mind (and your eyes) around the thrilling game the game Every Extend Extra will leave you awestruck.

The objective is easy to detonate the ship to trigger chain reactions and continue to do this until the main boss is eliminated. It’s about learning the best way to strategically detonate and take risks to gain power-ups, making each stage a blend of twitch gaming and problem solving. Furthermore, each level includes new backgrounds, enemies and music in the style of Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Lumines), which makes Every Extend Extra a game that is always fresh that’s new in its music playlist.

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#14 Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core

Fantasy 7: Crisis Core-Best PSP Games

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core brings players back into one of their most famous gaming worlds in a manner that is a perfect fit for the handheld console. There’s plenty of time to play with Zack as well as other FF7 familiar characters and characters, but the brief-range missions eliminate the time-consuming RPG tropes, allowing you to explore the rich game at your speed.

The slot machine feature (memorably named Digital Mind Wave) keeps the action moving and brings an element of excitement and luck in every experience. It could operate in a different way than we’re familiar with however, Crisis Core keeps the FF7 components in place while providing new perspectives on a well-known tale. It was among the first major projects of Hajime Tabata, who went later to create the huge series that followed Final Fantasy 15.

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#15 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics-Ideal PSP Games

A portable version from one of the greatest strategies games of all time? Yes, please. While some of the games listed on this list are not available until you find an older PSP or UMD, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions has received an excellent touchscreen port to iOS. If you’re a fan of games that involve tactics, Final Fantasy, and political intrigue, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is unbeatable.

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#16 Fortnite Battle Royale – Best PSP Games

 Fortnite Battle Royale-Best PSP Games

Fortnite Battle Royale is an online battle royale game that is free to play a video game and the most popular army game created and released by Epic Games. It is a sequel to Fortnite: Save the World game. The game’s concept is similar to the previous(Fortnite: Save the World). There are more than 100 players on a virtual island, and they must discover weapons to protect them from the other players. One player can fight on their own or form a team of three to fight alongside other teams. Explore resources, weapons, vehicles, and weapons, and take out any enemies. The game is playable on PS Vita, the second or later generation of the PSP console.

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#17 God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta-Best PSP Games

Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio recorded Zeus Lightning in a Bottle as they packed their God of War series into Sony’s handheld. God of War: Chains of Olympus was a stunning accomplishment, however, Ghost of Sparta surpassed it by offering an experience that’s elegant and beautiful.

The story follows Kratos in his search to find his son Deimos; the Ghost of Sparta is an essential game for those who follow the canon of the series. While it’s not up to the same level as the console games, it’s close while demonstrating several new techniques in the process. When you reach the waters of Atlantis and swim through in the River of Lament and cut across The Domain of Death, you’ll feel like you’ve lived through the true Greek myth.

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#18 Gran Turismo PSP

Gran Turismo PSP Games

Gran Turismo PSP is a game that has no business looking or playing as well as it did on PSP. Polyphony Digital barely took its foot off the accelerator when it created the exclusive GT experience for Sony’s portable. The result is a stand-alone game that makes a purr.

There’s no doubt that GT is a pleasure to view, but it also has many features underneath the hood. With more than 800 cars, 35 tracks, and 60fps of pure racing action, it can make up for the lack of a classic career mode or the more intricate customizations that you’ll see elsewhere in the GT series. Additionally, GT PSP’s ad-hoc vehicle sharing and single-use multiplayer races are great features.

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#19 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories-Best PSP Games

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (VCS) isn’t the first portable GTA spin-off, but it’s certainly the most polished one within the PSP lineup. A prequel to the PS2’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, VCS pushes the PSP to all the appropriate places to bring the Grand Theft Auto world to life in impossible ways with the tech-savvy PSP. This is partly due to a new engine, which results in a cleaner and more visually stunning handheld version of Grand Theft Auto. GTA’s post-GTA online world is a technical and innovative accomplishment.

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#20 Half-Minute Hero – Best PSP Games

Half-Minute Hero-Best PSP Games

Do you have a moment? Do you have half an hour? It’s fine since that’s all you’ll have to save the entire world. The game was created in collaboration with Marvelous Entertainment, Half-Minute Hero transforms the standard RPG conventions upside down by putting players under the 30-second limit within which they fight against flies and increasing their power for them to be the best in their field. Fortunately, the timer can be reset. The fun begins playing each groundhog-day scenario to advance towards bigger opponents, obtain better equipment and improve at killing a foe in thirty minutes or less. Half-Minute Hero is a fun game that tries to be a bit different, and you’ll have no time to think about the subject matter.

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#21 Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2-PSP Games

Iron Man 2 is an action-adventure-style video game based on Iron Man film, and the Iron Man game series was released for all gaming consoles like PSP. The iron Man game was published by Sega and was developed in collaboration with Sega Studios San Francisco, and was released across the world. Players can play this game by picking Iron Man or War Machine and battle against opponents. Find multiple armour suits as well as engage in melee combat. Employ new strategies to take on any enemies.

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#22 Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d'Arc-PSP Games

The reason Level-5 felt the need to change the story of Joan of Arc’s story instead of making an original French heroine that is it’s own? It’s beyond our comprehension. However, it doesn’t matter because this fantastic, demon-fighting rendition of the historical character excels at playing one of the most complex and most imaginative strategy-based role-playing games available on the market.

Similar to Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics, Jeanne D’Arc sees players battling on the world, acquiring new team members and advancing their teams as they go. Innovative strategies like using skill stones to enhance classes or setting the time limit for each battle provide Jeanne D’Arc with a unique playstyle, and the cartoon-like presentation and fast-paced combats make it stand out from other games of its genre.

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#23 Justice League Heroes – Sony PSP


JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROESis another popular console game developed by Warner Bros for PSP, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. This game is packed with the best-known superheroes of the DC Universe like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and more. Complete each level, which comprises two characters on each team, with several villains and their henchmen. The player can switch between superheroes to defeat their opponent.

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#24 Killzone: Liberation

Killzone-Best PSP Games

A game that deals in destruction and death, Killzone: Liberation remains not just one of the prettiest and polished games available on the PSP and Xbox, but it’s also the most enjoyable Killzone game ever produced.

Liberation switches the FPS perspective for an isometric top-down view that rewards quick trigger fingers and strategic thinking. It is also a challenging game and requires gamers to consider their thoughts before shooting and perfect their technique in every mission. Instead of an abundance of upgrades and weapons with any tangible benefit, an array of skills and technology can keep you thinking about the most effective way to play. Alongside one of the most powerful PSP multiplayer modes that can be played ad-hoc, Liberation is truly one of the best PSP apps.

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#25 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts-Best PSP Games

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep could have been a simple game to convert into a quick cash-in or an e-book version of Kingdom Hearts to milk fans who are always waiting for a sequel. Instead, Square created it one of the more influential titles in the franchise and filled in the world’s lore with the same commitment and dedication as the other games within the series like The epic Kingdom Hearts 2. Before Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it was the closest that anyone was expecting to a third complete game.

Heroes Terra, Aqua, and Ventus can be a confusing change from Sora and Sora, but its Command Deck and D-Link combat mechanisms aid in keeping the action moving along with the fluid, quick and surprising depth enemies. It’s just a matter of trips to familiar Disney places to ease back to that Kingdom Hearts vibe.

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#26 LocoRoco 2

LocoRoco 2-PSP Games

LocoRoco 2 is hard to dislike. Try it. In just a few minutes of playing Japan Studio’s incredibly adorable platform puzzler and you’ll soon be singing along with the title Blobs and spending each minute exploring their colourful, rich world.

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Everything that has made LocoRoco an original hit is back in this sequel featuring the iconic tilt-a-world feature that takes a bit of time to master and several sessions to master. You’ll need to be an expert in moving, bumping, and throwing LocoRocos through their worlds to unlock all the secrets of the game along with bonus tasks. Don’t let the cartoon-like atmosphere of Saturday morning put you off. LocoRoco 2 is as challenging as it is adorable and just as clever as it is adorable.

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#27 Lumines


Lumines remains timeless. Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s psychedelic game is a game that stimulates synesthesia, employing sound and light to make each round as fresh and thrilling as the previous, over a decade after the launch. Lumines transforms block-matching into a work of art, changing the world with each skin and transforming an old-fashioned concept into an eerie, tub-thumping relaxing, zen-like experience to the senses.

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#28 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 PSP

Marvel-Best PSP Games

One of the top action games available for PSP. It is a perfect combination of Marvel’s most popular stories, battles as well as Secret War. There are many additional characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man and many more. Nick Fury was about to approve a mission, but he did not include the involvement of the government that led to conflict. Take on every superhero and play with PSP.

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#29 Mega Man Powered Up – Best PSP Games

Mega Man Powered Up-Best PSP Games

Mega Man Powered Up is not simply a remake of the classic NES game. It is able to be here by drawing inspiration from the game’s humble beginnings and reimagining them through adorable modern graphics, 2 brand new levels and play modes that let you switch Mega Man with one of his robot bosses. Imagine it as The Muppet Babies if the Muppet Babies were constantly blowing each other up to steal their powers from one another. If that’s not enough to keep the old school-going fans entertained, the game includes an editor for level levels as well as the possibility of sharing player-created Mega Man stages with the world.

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#30 Metal Gear Acid

Metal Gear Acid-

Metal Gear Acid might be easier to play in the post-Hearthstone after Slay The Spire environment than in 2005. Yet, its unique combination of card-based and stealth mechanics isn’t replicated even 16 years more. In this turn-based strategy game, cards determine all aspects. Do you want to move? You’ll need a card to do this. Fire your weapon? It’s time to have a card to do that. Before undertaking a task, it is necessary to create the deck you think will work, and the interplay of stealth and strategy creates an intriguing mix. Although the gameplay may diverge from Metal Gear Solid’s classic action-based stealth gameplay, Acid is still a hilarious and bizarre tale while challenging players to sneak through the familiar settings that players have come to know and enjoy.

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#31 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid-PSP Games

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker recreates the blockbuster-like feel of its console friends in a manner that makes us beg the question of whether Hideo Kojima secretly updated our PSPs. The insane plot, heaps in the bonus material, as well as the obnoxiously massive army that was later utilized for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, keep you in awe for the whole 30 hours. Yes, thirty.

The game mixes traditional Snake ass-kickery with deep squad management that has you altering the ins and outs of Mother Base while training Militaires Sans Frontieres to deploy in missions. In conjunction with the multiplayer co-ops and versus ops modes, these aspects create Peace Walker to feel like it’s ready to explode from the UMD at any time. But then again, Snake is never one for staying within the bounds of a game in the first place.

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#32 Monster Hunter Freedom

 Monster Hunter Freedom-Best PSP Games

Monster Hunter Freedom demands the highest of you, and it requires grit, determination, ability to handle beatings, and the desire to come back to the next level. If you’re willing to take on the challenge, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on the PSP.

Based on Monster Hunter G, Freedom is a monster-hunting epic packed with prey that will send your warrior through hell and return. It is possible to smash your way through the early game bounty, but more difficult enemies require a lot of experimentation and strategy. However, in the beauty game of Monster Hunter Freedom, you’ll need to keep going and not only to earn the rewards in-game but also to feel the sense of achievement that only comes from seeing really tough enemies in the face then living to tell the story. The game has made MonHun an internationally renowned treasure.

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MOTO GP-Best PSP Games

MotoGP is yet another well-known PSP racer game created by Namco Bandai for PSP. Select your ride(Superbike) and choose your race track, and then complete your lap time against other competitors. Easy to personalize your track and ride. MotoGP offers modes like Season as well as Arcade Mode. You can complete the various modes and unlock additional trails and bikes.

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#34 N+

N+-Best PSP Games

A simple platformer that features the world’s most fragile Ninja, N+ was originally launched as an Xbox Live Arcade game before receiving feature-rich porting to PSP and DS. DS as well as the PSP. The levels are well-constructed and provide players with a single goal: get from start to end with the most gold possible while playing. The visuals reflect the game’s simplicity with a grey background and simple geometric platforms. The simplicity hides a shocking depth since N+ requires players to focus on their speed to gain enough momentum to jump and control their fall distance because falling from height could break the ninja in pieces. The PSP version included a number of multiplayer modes like Tag and Domination and the possibility to share Maps with fellow players. Unfortunately, the multiplayer servers closed in 2009. However, N+’s single player is still an enjoyable game to play.

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#35 Patapon 3

Patapon 3-Best PSP Games

A fantastic rhythm game with stylish aesthetics, Patapon 3 builds on Patapon 2 for one of the most popular games for the PlayStation. Much like Odama, available on GameCube, Patapon 3 combines military command with a new genre. In the case of Odama, the genre was pinball, and in this case, it’s the rhythm game. The Face buttons of the PSP corresponds to one of the four drums that must be struck in specific combinations to give instructions to your army. Its black-and-white-with-bursts-of-colour aesthetic remains striking today.

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#36 Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable-Best PSP Games

What’s remarkable about this PSP version to the PlayStation 2’s Persona 3 is how fresh and distinct it is in the move to handheld. By optimizing the world for speedy and easy exploration and changing the main character’s perspective from female to male, the general tone of the game is altered, providing even fans who have played before something fresh to cling to.

These sweeping tweaks make an impactful change like these make the PSP version of the JRPG worth a look. However, its greatest benefit is the game’s dungeon crawling which is unparalleled among the RPG canon. The only thing that comes close to its quality can be Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita.

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#37 Power Stone Collection – Best PSP Games

Power Stone Collection-Best PSP Games

Although this collection contains two games (Power Stone and Power Stone 2), Power Stone made 3D multiplayer brawling cool before extravagant PlayStation All-Stars came onto the scene. Power Stone offers a range of combatants that you can play who are able to light up arenas with their slick, explosive action.

The choice to bring the previously exclusive Dreamcast Power Stone series to Sony’s PSP was a smart choice, not only due to the fact that it was a perfect place to play quick, easy-to-pick-up arcade games, but also because it showed how the PSP could allow lesser-known games to be rediscovered. In many ways, PSP is PSP can be described as an ideal Dreamcast of portables, and it’s an under-appreciated platform for innovative games that are a bit offbeat and quirky.

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#38 Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is a shooter/carrier game developed by Bigbig Studios for PSP. It’s a sequel to the “Pursuit” Force game. The player must be the leader of a particular segment of Police and capture all criminals. Fight off enemies using cars, motorbikes and helicopters. Jump off your vehicle onto enemies, engage in a firefight with your enemies in all directions, finish each mission and save your city of criminals.

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#39 Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

Puzzle Quest-Best PSP Games

A unique and clever blend that combines RPG rules and match-3 puzzles, Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords was an exceptional game at its release in 2007. There isn’t a lot of games that combine different genres as well. Puzzle Quest The Challenge of the Warlords is structured in the traditional way of an RPG with an overworld to explore and plenty of baddies waiting to strike. The main difference is that when the battles begin, the gameplay shifts into a puzzle like Candy Crush. It’s a fantastic mix of genres.

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#40 Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Best PSP Games

Ratchet & Clank-Best PSP Games

The name of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters is, naturally it’s a reference to PlayStation Portable, which is the perfect size to allow you to take Ratchet & Clank along wherever you travel. In their first PSP game, the final Lombax and his robotic companion’s holiday is interrupted when they encounter an adorable girl named Luna and are promptly taken away. They set out to find her and, as they do, discover that there is an old race known as the Technomites. The developers at High Impact Games (comprised of ex- Insomniac developers) performed a great job translating the game’s third-person shooter controls onto the streamlined button layout of the PSP, and the graphics were equally stunning. There’s not a lot of surprises to be found here. Would it surprise you to learn you play as Ratchet and Clank are separated at some moment, and you can play as Clank? But with a ton of action, thrilling space battles and stunning multiplayer options, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters was a prime gem in the crown of the PSP.

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#41 Secret Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank-PSP Games

The name is XJ-0461. Clank XJ-0461. Keep it in mind, as you’re craving an exciting and effective Ratchet as well as a Clank spin-off, make a call to Clank, the Secret Agent Clank, to do the job.

Clank can carry out this single adventure with grace, mixing the traditional Ratchet as well as Clank gameplay with a great selection of 3D platforming variations. The game will take you through car levels and play with Gadgebot objectives, play Quark’s exaggerated memory and then blast enemies using Ratchet. With a variety of gadgets and bizarre weapons available, as well as familiar companions to fill the gaps, this spin-off is loaded with the series’ distinctive quality and creativity.

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#42 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Shin Megami-Best PSP Games

The ultimate version of the Persona series’ most popular game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, enhances the already fantastic Persona 3 by adding the inclusion of a female playable character and brand new tracks for music, changes to the battle system and story as well as appearances by Persona 4 or Catherine characters. No matter which game version of Persona 3 you play, the basic gameplay is identical: You’re a fresh student in a high school where you and your fellow students join forces to battle supernatural creatures, while sustaining your normal life at school.

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#43 Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Syphon Filter-Top PSP Games

In 2007 Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror introduced superspy Gabe Logan to the PSP to experience espionage in the field. This stealth third-person game gives a variety of tools to Logan to utilize throughout the seven missions of Dark Mirror, including a zipline for navigation, radars for keeping track of enemies, and electric and explosive darts to aid in eliminating opponents. With a timer of seven hours and plenty of checkpoints and checkpoints, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is an enjoyable and fast-paced action game with a clever way of transferring the popular series to Sony’s handheld. (It can also be of historical significance for avid Days Gone fans: Sony Bend created this game year before Deacon St. John ever rode his Harley).

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#44 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Tactics Ogre-Best PSP Games

The game includes Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Metal Gear Acid, and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. The PlayStation Portable sometimes felt like it was a console designed with fans’ interests of tactics in mind. Remakes this 1995 SNES JRPG with the same name; this tactical game is a step up from its predecessor’s strengths and what it accomplished and eliminates some negative aspects. With a compelling storyline and surprisingly enjoyable combat, Tactics Ogre Let Us Hold Together is able to stand out in a very competitive field.

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#45 Tekken 6

Tekken 6-Best PSP Games

Tekken 6 is one of the most played fighting games and the best PSP game released by Bandai Namco Games for PSP. After the huge success of Tekken, which was played by millions across the globe, the Tekken series is growing across a variety of devices, including PC as well as Playstation. Tekken 6 features a bigger arena and more players who can battle one another. The new system of rage provides characters greater damages per strike. Take on the game alongside all characters, and showcase their talents and moves to take on the opponents.

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#46 Tomb Raider: Legend Best PSP Games

Tomb Raider-PSP Game

Tomb Raider Legend is an action-adventure-based video game published by Eidos Interactive for PSP. Lara(the protagonist) must complete various levels, which were set all over the world. The player must finish a few levels using a motorbike and battle opponents. Find clues, solve puzzles to improve your skills, and finish each level.

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#47 Valkyria Chronicles 2

Valkyria Chronicles 2-Best PSP Games

There was a fear that the portable sequel to PlayStation 3’s Valkyria Chronicles would rob the series of its size and depth; however, Sega does the job as if it were a pro. Valkyria Chronicles II continues Avan Hardin’s tale without skipping one step. It will set you on the path of the Lanseal Royal Military Academy that will take you through conflict in and off the battlefield that is as intricate and enjoyable as the original.

After countless hours of managing troops, modifying vehicles and perfecting your plan in the battle for Gallia, you’ll see the handheld Valkyria Chronicles entry can hold its own.

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#48 Wipeout Pulse

Wipeout Pulse-Best PSP Games

Wipeout Pulse is a futuristic and top PSP racer game released by Sony Computer Entertainment for PSP. Perfect lightning-fast future game. Players must race to finish the race league along with other gamers. You can win every race to earn more money, upgrade your vehicles, and defeat your rivals.

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#49 Wipeout Pure

Wipeout Pure-PSP Game

Speeds that are blazing fast across small tracks set in futuristic locations, Wipeout Pure brought Sony’s hovercraft racing series to the PSP (and more than 100 years more in the future than the previous games) with stunning, focused outcomes. The game is set in 2197. Pure’s futuristic style of art and electronic music assists in creating a sense of place as each of the 16 tracks in the game evokes an era and a different place from our current. The most significant distinction between races today and the race of the future? in 2197, it’s a fair game to set landmines in the path of your opponents or take them out of the way by launching the help of a guided missile. With plenty of hairpins and hovercrafts that can hit speeds that we would never imagine, playing Wipeout is as hazardous as it is thrilling. This is particularly true for Pure Wipeout since the pit stops of earlier games have been eliminated, and you don’t have to slow down until you cross the end of the road.

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#50 WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15-Best PSP Games

WWE 2K15 is one of the most well-known and popular professional wrestling games. 2 K Sports published it for PSP, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. It’s the sequel to WWE 2K14 and was succeeded by WWE 2K16. This game is completely modelled on professional wrestling to help promote WWE. Select your wrestler, choose arenas, matches, championships and wrestle with a different wrestler. The top PSP games of 2022 you can enjoy on your PSP.

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#51 Ys Seven

Ys Seven-Best PSP Game

Seven was certainly a lucky number for Nihon Falcom’s action-RPG franchise. Ys Seven is an expansion of the series, transforming Ys 2D sprites and environments into a fully 3D adventure that includes new players to meet, brand new systems to refine and innovative ways to take on the justice system in Altago.

It’s easy to imagine that a 30-plus hour RPG would have worn out its charm on a portable device; however, Ys Seven’s thrilling combat, vibrant world, and engaging storyline keep the adventure alive and exciting.

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In the above article, we have listed the top PSP games of 2022 of all time to play on PSP, and we think you won’t require anything more than these activities to keep you entertained. If you have suggestions or in case we’ve missed some of the best PSP games, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below.

If you don’t own a PSP but still would like to play top PSP games, download emulators for your PC and play PSP games.

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