9 Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10

Procreate is one of the influential digital painting and drawing applications for an artist, but unfortunately, it is accessible only to iPad users. A heavy-duty software is quite expensive but has set a benchmark for all the creators with its astonishing features. But there is no need to worry; there are many options available in the market which are great alternatives to Procreate and runs on Windows, Androids, and tablets.

Though we know that Procreate is a complete and powerful application that has not paved its way onto Windows yet, these alternatives work with similar functionality and unique features. These alternatives are both open source and paid. We have curated a list of best Procreate alternatives that will help you create your masterpiece with all your imagination and skills. These applications are also accessible on the pocket and can be used for graphic designing, doodling, sketching, painting, drawing, comic making, illustration, and so on. Every alternative has its own pros and cons so you have to decide which one is perfect for you and which best suits your requirements. These alternatives are also beginner-friendly and easy to learn with a professional toolkit to maximize one’s creativity and potential. 

List of Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10 

Here are some of the best alternatives to Procreate for Windows10, which are easily accessible. If you are an artist by profession or even if you are a beginner in this field, we’ve got you covered. Most of these applications are user-friendly with impressive features.

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#1. Autodesk Sketchbook – Best Procreate Alternative for Windows 

It is one of the most popular applications available on various platforms such as Android, ios, Windows, Mac. This software has a lot of advanced features for all the designers and artists. A user-friendly application is offering a much bigger canvas size than Procreate.


  • Easy access to professional workspace and tool 
  • Cost-efficient app as it is free to use
  • Autosave feature, no scope for accidental data loss


  • It is difficult to learn for kids or budding designers who have limited professional knowledge.

#2. Krita – Best App Like Procreate for Windows

Krita is professional and open-source software developed primarily for digital sketching and painting. This application is designed by artists who wanted to provide affordable yet amazing art tools for everyone. It is specially made for artists interested in illustration, animation, and comic making. 


  • It is open-source i.e., free to the public
  • Customizable application for graphic designers
  • A compatible program which runs Windows, Android, Linux


  • Performance issue pops up at times
  • No customer service is available

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#3. Art Rage – Best Procreate Windows Alternative

A great substitute for Procreate especially designed for conventional artists who focus mainly on color mixing. If you love playing with colors, then you are going to love this application. You can mix and match different colors of your choice to make your desired texture and shades like you do on a real canvas.


  • A user-friendly software
  • A digital platform curated for old school paintings
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  • Not a pocket-friendly application. Costs around $79 for a single purchase

#4. Concepts – Procreate Equivalent for Windows

A creative and advanced application that is less like sketching and more like vector drawing. A must-have for all the sketchers and artists as it helps them to showcase their creativity. It is pretty flexible with added range and variety of tools and brushes. It allows you to add multiple layers also.


  • It helps in illustrating freehand sketches
  • A free version of this application is also available.


  • A little difficult to learn 

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#5. Corel Painter – Alternatives to Procreate

Corel Painter is a fantastic alternative to Procreate. An excellent drawing tool to proliferate the effects of the real world in digital form. A customizable application now also available on Windows offers a wide array of tools and brushes to replicate the look and feel of traditional paintings in digital form.


  • Multiple tools and brushes are available to choose from


  • Technical and performance issues at times
  • Quite an expensive application

#6. Clip Studio Paint – Best Sketching Software for Windows 10

This software is developed essentially for artists who want to give their art piece a natural feel to it, which makes it a reliable alternative to Procreate. The software includes an inbuilt powerful brush engine that helps the creators to draw and paint with precision and enhances their creativity.


  • Incorporates bundles to brushes to choose from.
  • One of the best applications for professional animation and images.


  • Advance features are not easy to learn
  • The full version of the software is not affordable
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#7. Medi Bang paint

 A lightweight comic and manga creation software offering a wide variety of features, including 800 backgrounds, 50 brushes, and 20 fonts which serves as a great Procreate alternative on Windows 10. It is easy on the pocket as well and comes with an autosave feature.


  • Cloud syncing across various platforms is available
  • User-friendly software


  •  The ad dialogue box appears at the start

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#8. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

It is one of the most renowned and top-rated applications with a varied range of advanced features for artists to illustrate their minds. It helps in expressing their thoughts via their creativity, art styles, and illustrations. 


  • Well-designed UI and UX
  • A varied range of brushes available


  • The image editing tool is not sufficient

#9. Tayasui Sketches

If you own a touchscreen electronic device like a tablet or phone to create your art, then Tayasui Sketches is a popular alternative. This application does not have an exhaustive toolbox, but it is quite functional. It also has a pro version to support layers.


  • Simple but productive application
  • Runs on touchscreen devices


  • The layering feature is only available on the pro version

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