Anthem Colossus Javelin guide – The best skills, abilities and combos to get the most out of Anthem’s Hulkbuster

The Anthem Colossus Javelin may appear to be a tank option. However, it is quite weak and has a surprising lack of resilience. You will need to spend the time to learn and specialize in Anthem if you want to unleash its potential as a Hulkbuster. If you do it correctly, you will become a unit that can absorb and dish out damage. However, you must first understand the capabilities and quirks of Anthem. This guide is for Anthem Colossus Javelin users.

Colossus specific skills and playstyle

Before we explain Colossus Javelin’s capabilities, let us first outline its purpose. The Colossus is not for you if you like to fly, engage in battles, and don’t mind being shot at. The Colossus of Anthem will be a great fit for anyone willing to take a beating, as long as they can do it with traditional firepower and brute force.

Two skills are included in the Colossus’ arsenal to help you accomplish this:

Melee: When you melee with a Colossus, you don’t just attack one enemy. Instead, the Colossus does an impressive ground-pounding slam that emits a shockwave. For an even greater area of effect, perform one while you are airborne.

Shield: In the thick of the action, you’ll need to grab the Colossus shield as much as possible. The shield is strong and sturdy, deflecting almost all shots that are directed at it. To deal damage and sprint at enemies, you can either run at them or melee with them for a more powerful swing that stomps on their arse.

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Best Colossus Heavy Assault Launcher

1. Siege Cannon: A single explosive shell that causes massive damage to one target. The Siege Cannon can be quickly aimed and fired, making it a great choice for any explosive shot on the fly. It is also our favorite for most engagements.

2. Flamethrower: This is pretty obvious. You can equip a flamethrower weapon to set any target alight and deal impressive damage. However, the range is not very impressive.

3. Flak Cannon is very similar to the Siege Cannon. Still, instead of firing a single shot, it fires “barrages of shells” over a larger area. It is better for large groups of enemies than it is against large targets such as Titans and Luminaries.

4. Venom Spitter is a fire-up device that produces a lot of acid shots. However, it can fire at 200 rounds per hour, so you can get a lot off it before it runs out.

5. Railgun: This railgun takes a while to charge and then fires one powerful shot that knocks down smaller enemies. Then it explodes shortly afterward. It’s better to equip your shield and charge forward to take down multiple enemies than to use this.

Best Colossus Ordnance Launcher

1. Firewall Mortar: This is a great tool for crowd control and blocking out enemies. It launches one shell, which explodes into flames that lasts 20 seconds. Although you can see exactly where it will go, unfortunately, you cannot spin its angle.

2. High-Explosive Mortar is similar to Siege Cannon but fired from the shoulder with a greater arc.

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3. Lightning Coil: This activates a lightning bolt that fires from your shoulder and targets up to 10 enemies at once.

4. Shock Coil. The Shock Coil uses electricity similar to the Lightning Coil, but instead of firing forwards, it emits lightning bolts around you. This can be very useful if there are enemies from all sides.

Best Colossus Support Gear

1. Shield Pulse – It is difficult to decide which Colossus Support Gears you prefer, as it depends on how you play. Because it reduces damage by 33%, the Shield Pulse is the preferred ability.

2. Battle Cry: If your team is under fire and struggling, but you are not taking too much damage, Battle Cry will redirect all enemies to you.

Best Colossus Combos

The Colossus is a powerful weapon with incredible firepower. However, combos can be used to eliminate large groups of smaller enemies because of the area-of-effect explosion that occurs after each successful combination. You can create powerful effects as long as you have both a primer weapon and a detonator gun.

The Lightning Coil chain will be attached to any targets that you hit with your Flamethrower, causing them tremendous damage.

Primer: Firewall Mortar/Detonator Siege Cannon: Another option to consider is the Firewall Mortar, which can be used to pin a lot of enemies together and then use the Siege Cannon to blast through them.

Best Colossus Weapons

You want to be a Colossus. You won’t be doing your job well as the tank if you’re sitting around with a Marksman Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. You’re better to equip an Autocannon than a Light Machine Gun. The most powerful Shotgun in your arsenal is the best choice for your secondary weapon. This will allow you to charge through enemies with the shield, then switch to your Shotgun to cause pain directly to their faces. You can substitute a Grenade Launcher for one to get even more explosions.

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Best Colossus Components

We count ten components in the Colossus, plus all the universal ones that every Javelin can use. We won’t detail every component, but we have a few favorites that we will use throughout the Anthem story.

The first increases the maximum weapon magazine size by 35%, while the second increases the maximum ammo storage capacity by 35%. You’ll likely rely on Light Machine Guns or Assault Rifles as a Colossus to get your ammo.

It increases blast damage by 15% and can be used with any of the explosive abilities listed above. This one might not be as helpful if you prefer to use elemental tools.

Colossus Ultimate

The ultimate of a Freelancer is undoubtedly the most important aspect of Colossus. It’s easy to activate, and you have a massive missile launcher that can fire three shots. You can do a lot of damage with it and even take some serious health from the most difficult enemies in Anthem.

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