Which is the best Anthem Javelin? Here’s which one to pick first

The best Anthem Javelin is crucial if you want to make the most of Bioware’s looter shooter. Each option brings its unique skills to the table. We don’t think there is a favorite, but your team composition and personal play style will determine which Anthem Javelin works best for your needs. There are four options when it comes to choosing your Anthem mech: the all-rounder Ranger or the fast Interceptor, as well as the tank Colossus and magic-casting Storm. It is crucial to understand when to use each option and get the maximum benefit.

4. Ranger

It’s the first Anthem Ranger Javelin suit that you can own, but we recommend you move away as soon as you can unless your preference is to play a particular style. This is your all-rounder, a master of none, and an excellent all-arounder. Your ultimate is the best weapon in your Ranger arsenal. It allows you to quickly and effectively target multiple enemies, allowing for devastating missile barrages. You will need to rely on those combos if you don’t have them. To make a devastating attack, you can pair your seeking or pulse missiles with frost or grenades.
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3. Colossus

Is pain a way to make you more powerful? You might be a good candidate for the Colossus Javelin. The Colossus Javelin will make you the primary target. You’ll push enemies aside with brute force, absorb anything that’s thrown at your way, and even dodge fireballs from Wyverns. You have the option to whip out your shield to charge at anyone foolish enough to block your path or to use your ultimate to unleash three powerful cannon shots that can rip apart even the most formidable enemies. Although you are slow, it doesn’t matter if you can take more hits thanthan any other Javelin. Your Ordnance and Heavy Assault Launchers may be a little less potent than Storm or Storms.

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2. Interceptor

The Interceptor is for you if you like to be in the thick of the action. This suit, which is the fastest Anthem Javelin, allows you to get close and personal with your foes. You can maneuver in and out battle with its chained dashes, and it has blades that enable you to destroy enemies with deadly melee attacks. You can also equip various elemental shurikens and grenades to prepare your enemies for a combo. Then, hit them with your entirely focused melee attack.

1. Storm

Storm’s main feature is its focus on area-of-effect elemental attacks. It also gets extended hovering, which boosts its shield. This allows you to bombard enemies high up, and both your Focus Seals and Blast can burn, freeze, and electrify half of the battlefield in just a few seconds. It has a much broader reach and destructive power than the Ranger and can also refresh faster than the Colossus. It is also quite sturdy and better protected than the Interceptor. It’s the best choice for dealing with Anthem’s mobs and doing high-level damage quickly.

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