7 Valuable Tips New MacBook Owners Will Appreciate

If you are a new MacBook owner, you are likely eager to discover what your computer has to offer. 

Those who switch to macOS from MS Windows might find the transition to be a bit difficult. The two operating systems are quite different, but since you made a choice, it means that you believe in MacBooks and their superiority.

Setting yourself up for some disappointment because you did not prepare in advance is rare, but it can still happen. As such, you are better off building a solid foundation for the basics of macOS.

Knowing the ins and outs of the simpler things will make for a better overall experience once you move on to the more complicated areas of the device. 

The purpose of this article is to give new MacBook owners some idea of what they should prioritize while still learning to use the computer.

Different File Formats

Let’s start with different file formats. You will find that files on a Mac are a bit different. Sure, there are universal formats, such as PDF, and you can convert file formats using various tools. 

However, the media files and some text documents will require specific tools, most of which are built-in and are part of the macOS package. Figuring this stuff out should not take too long.

You should also keep an eye on the overall state of the drive. If it becomes too cluttered, see what files you can remove. Also, consider the fact that you can reduce the size of some files by archiving or compressing them. For instance, Mac users can compress jpg images.

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Data Backups

MacBooks owners have two choices when it comes to data backups. The first is to use Time Machine and combine it with an external hard drive. The second is to use iCloud.

The choice comes down to personal preferences. Those who like a more digital and minimalistic approach go with cloud storage, though it comes with the downside of needing to pay a monthly fee to ensure that you have enough space. After all, a free iCloud profile offers only 5GB of total storage.

On the other hand, clouds are known for their security, whereas the same cannot be said about an external HDD. As an accessory, it can still break down after a few years, which means that you will lose the data.

Ideally, you should use both methods, but the biggest takeaway is that backing up data should be one of the priorities despite the fact that you are using a MacBook, which is known for its reliability. 

Security Concerns

Security concerns are not as prominent among Mac owners because these computers are less likely to be affected by malware.

An effort that goes into developing a security system for macOS is hardly matched at the moment. Add the fact that the OS is not that popular, making it less of a target, and you have some idea as to why those security concerns are not as big.

Now, it does not mean that you can simply ignore potential attacks on your computer. No, it is still necessary to run reliable antivirus software and be smart about what you do while surfing the net. For instance, if you encounter a shady-looking link, do not click it. 

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Integrated and Available Applications

MacBooks come with a handful of useful applications. Spotlight, Finder, Activity Monitor, iMovie, GarageBand, and other macOS apps should be worth looking into because they are tailor-made for an optimal MacBook user experience.

Besides the integrated apps, you should also keep an eye on the official App Store and check trending applications and find some that are useful for yourself.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts on a MacBook is one of those things that come with time. However, you can accelerate the process by visiting the official Apple support site. It has a list of all the available macOS keyboard shortcuts.

From this list, pick a few shortcuts that you believe to be the most useful, and work on learning them for a couple of days. Once you feel confident in your finger memory, go for a different batch of shortcuts and repeat.

System Updates

Even old MacBook owners are making sure that their computers have the latest operating system version. You should not be one of those users who neglect to download and install OS updates. 

No, missing an update translates into an overall worse computer performance. Besides, you also miss out on the latest features and crucial security upgrades.


Overall, customization is one of those areas that Macs seem pretty lackluster in. Besides the option to change the background image and move the Dock to one of the corners of the MacBook’s screen, there are no other significant options.

Whether that is a disadvantage or not is up to you. Many MacBook users are happy with the default user interface, but there are some who seek ways to customize it via various third-party solutions. Ultimately, there are ways that you can introduce some customization, but be ready to work for it if you want to make significant changes.

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