5 Celebs You Didn’t Know Love to Gamble

Gambling is an incredibly popular worldwide hobby for millions nowadays. The remarkable rise of iGaming and online sports betting over the last two decades has made it accessible for all, but wealthy celebrities still enjoy the best experience. Anything is possible for the global elite, from private rooms in world-famous casinos such as the MGM Grand to exclusive beach gambling at the Atlantis Bahamas. 

Some celebrities make no effort to hide their gambling habits, while others are more secretive. We’ll take a look at a few iconic figures in the showbiz industry who love hitting up the casino more than anything else. 

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Matt Damon

Matt Damon is one of the most successful and widely adored actors to come out of Hollywood for several decades. Known for his gritty performances in the Bourne films among others, the Massachusetts-born star is also a gambling enthusiast. Damon spent considerable time learning advanced poker strategy to prepare for his role in the 1998 casino drama Rounders. 

He inevitably began to enjoy high stakes gambling games outside of his acting career and has been hooked ever since. Damon typically plays poker and blackjack, although no casino option is off the table for this passionate gambler. He came back from a damaging $25,000 loss in his early days playing poker in preparation for Rounders, rallying since then to amass a considerable prize pot. 

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Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck is another Hollywood celebrity with a passion for gambling. Followers of the famous actor won’t be surprised by his mention here, as Affleck has recently been involved with several casino-related controversies. He was banned from playing blackjack at Hard Rock casino for life after senior staff suspected card counting, with the Good Will Hunting star pretty much admitting to it afterward. 

He’s a regular at Las Vegas casinos whenever he’s in town, also enjoying online poker and live dealer games while on the move. So far, Affleck has demonstrated considerable skill at the blackjack table, so his passion for gambling is unlikely to end in crushing losses anytime soon. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga shot to superstardom with her iconic track Poker Face, but it was meant more as a metaphor than anything else. As it turns out, Stefani Germanotta is also a keen poker player in real life, frequently seen at high-profile Las Vegas spots. Her wealth exceeds $150 million, so it’s no surprise that the pop megastar loves throwing down the chips. 

However, winning or losing is irrelevant when Miss Gaga plays poker. She enjoys the communal fun it offers playing with friends and family, reveling in the relaxing aspect rather than the high stakes thrill. If the top global hit of 2008 is anything to go by, reading her poker face is probably impossible. Keep an eye out if you’re in Las Vegas or other casino hotspots, as you might just get the chance to find out. 

Paris Hilton 

She may play up her Barbie-inspired persona in the public eye, but Paris Hilton is a lot savvier than you might think. The world-famous socialite has several huge casino wins under her belt, preferring tactical games such as blackjack over online slots or roulette. It may not provide as much wealth as Hilton’s countless business endeavors, but she’s certainly no gambling novice. 

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The 41-year American media personality has the perfect job for her gambling passion, DJing regularly at Las Vegas casino residencies. When Hilton is not commanding dancefloors in the Nevada gambling paradise, she can be spotted playing blackjack and poker at the prime spots in town. 

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is known for appearing in unintentionally hilarious movies, fully-fledged comedies and gritty dramas, yet not many people know about his gambling passion. Like many other Hollywood actors, Jackson’s spark for casino games was reignited by his appearance in Cigarettes & Coffee, also starring Gwyneth Paltrow. 

The Washington native had to wait before finding worldwide fame. He was a struggling actor during the 1980s, battling substance and gambling addictions. Nowadays, Jackson is much more at ease with himself, known for occasionally enjoying casino games responsibly. His films have grossed over $27bn to date, so at least he no longer needs to worry about gambling his way into the red. 

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