Vignette Ads: Different Formats And Its Benefits

Google Adsense is known to bring in innovations and changes in the ad formats from time to time. This platform is designed specifically by Google to help publishers earn money from their site by reaching a large audience across the globe.

There are several types of ads that you can choose from to help increase the site revenue. One of the current ad types that Google introduces is vignette ads. Here are some details about these types of ads, the formats, and how they benefit the site.


These pop-up ads cover the complete screen when the user moves from one page to another. And they only appear when the user goes from one page to another. They are skippable ads.

They are more about images and short written ads. It helps in attracting the attention of the user almost immediately.

You will not have to add any specific ad code to the website page to enable these ads. Enable the auto ad option for the page and choose vignette ad format in Google Adsense.

Formats Of These Ads

There are two formats of these ads that you can use for your website:

  1. Mobile format: In the beginning, these ads were meant only for mobile devices and were called auto ads. It is the most commonly used format of ads. They are less hindering, and you can skip them quickly.
  1. Desktop format: In late 2020, Google released a statement that said that from then on, auto ads would be enabled for desktop screens as well. The desktop format is for screens that are wider than the 1000px. It means the ads can now pop up when a user visits the site using their desktops.
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The format of these ads is based on the screen size. Big screen ads make it available for desktops and increase the reach of the ads to desktop users.

How To Enable These Ads

Enabling these ads is easy as there is not much you need to do. Just make sure that the auto ad option is ON for the website page. Also, there is no need to incorporate any particular ad code on the page.

Those who want to enable these ads on their website should follow the steps below:

  1. Enable the auto ad option on the website.
  2. Go to Adsense, and log in.
  3. Go to the overview option for the ads and click on edit.
  4. Now, choose the vignette ad option for the site.
  5. You can enable both desktop and mobile formats for the site.

Is It Helpful?

There is an ongoing debate about these ad formats among digital experts and website owners.

It was observed that auto pop-up ads could dampen the user’s overall experience in the past. Also, these ads tend to increase invalid click rates, leading to Adsense account suspension. They are very much like the Youtube ads, which you can skip.

But, there are a few benefits of these types of ads as well, like:

  • Increased revenue: Enabling these ads helps improve the site’s revenue. Also, with desktop auto ads, the websites with more desktop traffic can increase their revenue effectively.
  • Increased clicks: When the ads tend to pop up on the whole screen, the chances of getting a click on them increase significantly. It can help in increasing the conversion rate of the ads.
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Among various ad formats and types, the vignette ad type is one of the recent ones. It can help increase the conversion rates. And can help earn more from Adsense. You can easily enable them from adzes Adsense add them to the ad inventory of both desktop and mobile sites. 

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